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At Morey Law Firm, P.A., we focus on representing residential and commercial landlords across central Florida. Whether you're navigating the complexities of landlord-tenant relationships, considering a real estate transaction, or addressing other legal matters pertaining to property management, our seasoned attorneys are here to safeguard your interests. With years of service in the Orlando area, we've built a robust repertoire that spans real estate law, corporate law, and other related areas. Recognizing the significance of each case, our team is dedicated to ensuring optimal outcomes for our landlord clients.

If you're in need of dedicated representation, reach out to Morey Law Firm, P.A., today at (407) 426-7222 for a consultation. We'll provide a comprehensive review of your situation and outline the best steps forward.

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Commercial Eviction



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What Makes Morey Law Firm, P.A. Stand Out?

At Morey Law Firm, P.A., our focus is on delivering unparalleled personal attention and superior service to the residential and commercial landlords we represent across central Florida and Orlando. We invest time in understanding each client's unique situation and objectives. Our dedicated team, consisting of experienced attorneys who work relentlessly to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. Known for our strong advocacy, we are committed to upholding and fighting for the rights of our clients, solidifying our reputation as fierce advocates in landlord representation.

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What Kind Of Service Can Morey Law Firm, P.A. Provide?

Morey Law Firm, P.A. can provide you with representation in a wide variety of legal matters, including:

Residential Landlord Law – We help residential landlords with evictions, tenant claims, and related issues.
Commercial  Landlord Law – We help commercial landlords with evictions, lease enforcement, and litigation.
Real Estate Law – We can help you with purchase disputes, foreclosure defense, HOA lawsuits, and general real estate litigation. 

If you are a Florida landlord looking for advice on any of these issues, do not hesitate to contact our firm immediately. We will evaluate your situation and let you know how we can assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the legal grounds for evicting a tenant in Florida?

In Florida, landlords can evict tenants for several reasons, including non-payment of rent, violation of lease terms, damage to the property, conducting illegal activities on the premises, and staying after the lease has expired. Each ground for eviction has its own legal process and requirements. For example, for non-payment of rent, the landlord must provide a 3-day notice to pay rent or vacate the property.

What is the first step to start the eviction process against a tenant in Florida?

The first step in the eviction process is to provide the tenant with a written notice. The type of notice depends on the reason for eviction. For non-payment of rent, a 3-day notice is required, excluding weekends and legal holidays. For lease violations, a 7-day notice to cure or vacate is necessary, giving the tenant an opportunity to correct the issue. If the tenant fails to comply with the notice, the landlord can proceed with filing an eviction lawsuit.

Can a landlord evict a tenant without going to court in Florida?

No, in Florida, a landlord cannot legally evict a tenant without a court order. Self-help evictions, such as changing locks, removing tenant’s belongings, or cutting off utilities, are illegal. The landlord must follow the formal eviction process, which involves serving the proper notice, filing an eviction lawsuit, and obtaining a court order before the tenant can be legally removed.

How long does the typical eviction process take in Florida?

The duration of the eviction process in Florida can vary depending on the county, the court's caseload, and whether the tenant contests the eviction. Generally, an uncontested eviction for non-payment of rent might take about 4 to 6 weeks from serving the notice to obtaining the final judgment. However, if the tenant contests the eviction or if there are legal complications, the process can take longer.

What are the consequences of illegally evicting a tenant in Florida?

Illegally evicting a tenant, such as through "self-help" methods, can have serious legal consequences for a landlord in Florida. This includes potential civil liability where the tenant could sue for damages, such as costs associated with temporary housing, lost belongings, and more. Florida law provides that a landlord could be liable for 3x the amount of monthly rent. Additionally, illegal eviction can lead to punitive damages, and in some cases, criminal charges. It's crucial for landlords to follow the legal eviction process to avoid these risks.

How does the eviction process work if a tenant contests it in Florida?

If a tenant contests an eviction in Florida, the process becomes more complex and lengthy. After the tenant files a response to the eviction lawsuit, a court hearing will be scheduled. Both parties will have the opportunity to present their case, including evidence and witness testimony. If the court finds in favor of the landlord, an eviction order will be issued. However, if the tenant wins, they can remain on the property. Both landlords and tenants should consider obtaining legal advice when encountering a contested eviction.

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Our law firm is centrally located in Orlando, FL, and specializes in representing residential and commercial tenants across central Florida and Orlando. We proudly serve clients in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, Volusia, and more.

Trust is the cornerstone of all our client relationships. Our dedicated attorneys understand the importance of this trust, and once established, our clients can confidently rely on us for representation in tenant-related legal matters. We are committed to delivering competent and professional advice in a welcoming, client-focused setting. For more insights on specific tenant-related legal matters, please visit our services section.

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